Our mission since 2020

To improve people's

life quality

This is an innovative prosthetic and orthopedic center in Armenia. Experienced specialists of Luys Barry produce individual insoles based on medical measurements and orthopedic foot impressions for any type of footwear.
Luys Barry helps people with disabilities every day! We provide qualified assistance in choosing the necessary prosthetic product and manufacture individual prostheses using modern scientific technologies.
Transportation of people with disabilities
Barry's disability and elderly transportation service is a dedicated team that will transport your loved ones with care and attention.
We don't just make insoles, we help restore the natural position of the feet and the harmony of the body. To do this, we carry out diagnostics, make individual stelechnye orthoses and accompany you all the way to adjust the position of the feet.
Assistance in obtaining a modern prosthesis from the state for FREE!
State voucher
According to the USS (United Social Service), people in need of prosthetics, on the basis of an appropriate conclusion received from the Disability Medical and Social Expert Commission, receive a state-approved voucher, according to which prosthetics are carried out.
To receive a state voucher, the beneficiary or his / her representative must apply to the Joint Social Service (MSS) or the MSS regional office.
Free training in coordinated walking, approaching the walking of a healthy person.
An alternative method of treating various diseases and pathologies in humans with the help of movement (both active and passive).
Adaptive exercise specialists help you stand up
on a prosthesis and learn to walk