Walking school
Patients take their first steps on prostheses in a walking school under the guidance of experienced rehabilitation specialists, doctors and prosthetists.
It is difficult to retrain a patient to walk if an abnormal gait has already been formed. Therefore, it is important to take the first steps on the prosthesis under the supervision of specialists.

Walking training begins after the general preparation of the body:
  • Training of the muscles of the stump and the whole body;
  • Elimination and prevention of contractures in the joints;
  • Restoration of balance and normalization of the vestibular apparatus;
  • Improved coordination of movements.

Further, we introduce the patient to the devices of the prosthesis and its features: we tell the principle of operation, explain the operation of individual elements, teach how to put on and take off silicone covers correctly and how take care of them.

Then the step of learning to walk begins. Our task is to help develop a coordinated, stable and rhythmic gait.Together we go through every step on the way to a perfect walk and life without barriers!

The process of learning to walk:
  • Learning to stand with support on crutches or parallel bars;
  • Transition from standing to walking: learning and reinforcing the elements of the step, learning to control the prosthesis;
  • Teaching coordinated walking, approaching the walking of a healthy person.