How to get a state voucher?
According to the law, every person with disabilities has the right to receive the necessary technical means of rehabilitation (TSR) specified in the individual rehabilitation program (IPR) at the expense of the state budget.

IRP is a set of measures designed to compensate and replenish the disabled or lost functions of the body to a disabled person. It is formed on the basis of the conclusion of the Disability Medical and Social Expert Commission.
The term "free" is conditional. In order for the state to pay for your prosthesis/orthosis, you must conclude a contract with it or purchase support funds at your own expense, and then receive compensation.
The prosthetics process begins after complete healing of the postoperative sutures and with the permission of the attending physician.
Free prosthetics/orthotics
In order to obtain a state voucher for receiving support funds, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • Identification document.
  • Public Service Number or a certificate for not having a Public Service Number.
  • In case of application of the representative, written power of attorney by the beneficiary and Identity document of the representative.
  • A certificate from your doctor about the need for supportive product.
  • Insecurity certificate.

The representative of the beneficiary can apply for a state voucher, who must present his / her identity document, public service number (social card), power of attorney written by the beneficiary, which does not need to be notarized.

In case of persons with disabilities, in addition to the above documents, it is necessary to submit: Medical and social examination decision (disability certificate)

Individual Rehabilitation Program certificate(provided by the Disability Medical and Social Expert Commission)
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