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''Barry'' Prosthetic, Orthotic Rehabilitation Center
Since 2020, ''Barry'' Prosthetic, Orthotic Rehabilitation Center has been providing services to persons who are in need of individual orthopedic assistive devices, as well as upper and lower limb prostheses of various levels.

The entire process of preparing orthopedic devices, starting from anthropometric indicators and physiological measurements of patients to the provision of ready-made items, is supervised by the center's leading specialists.

Specialists of the center provide professional advice on orthopedic assitive devices and represent the techniques of their usаge.

The teamwork of the company's specialists with the doctors of the leading medical centers of our country gives an opportunity to achieve encouraging results in the shortest possible time in the process of treating people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
The leading specialists of "Barry" center received
education and training in the best professional educational institutions of Europe and Russia.
Seminars and presentations are often organized in ''Barry'' Center with the participation of representatives of leading companies producing orthopedic devices and materials. This enables the company to develop and manufacture modern orthopedic devices that can compete in quality and functionality with those made in the best orthopedic laboratories in Europe and America.
The services of our center are used by everyone, regardless of age.

In addition to paid services, ‘'Barry'' Center also provides state-ordered services, prepairing individual orthopedic supplies, devices, and prostheses, which is critical for children, people with disabilities, civilian populations affected by military operations, and military personnel.

Our specialists also have extensive work experience in the field of sports medicine and traumatology, we provide services to athletes with and without disabilities who need personal protective masks, face shields, insoles, prostheses, and orthoses.
At the ''Barry'' Center, intensive work is underway to create a modern laboratory for making exoprostheses. Exoprostheses are external prostheses and are used to replace a missing part of the body.
The center works under the leadership of Artur Galanteryan, a leading engineer of orthopedic biomechanics, with thirty years of experience in the field. He is the most experienced specialist in the coordination and use of orthopedic equipment and devices. Study and practice in the best orthopedic laboratories in Europe, participation in international conferences and exhibitions, joint work with leading specialists in the Near and Far East, existing knowledge and experience allowed him to actively participate in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with scoliosis, kyphosis, flat feet and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He developed, tested, and is still using a special technology for the assembly of individual insoles, the effectiveness of which has already been evaluated by leading experts of the field.

Orthopedic mechanic Karen Danielyan is the leading specialist in prosthetics of upper and lower limbs. He is one of the best specialists in the field in Armenia. Extensive work experience, knowledge, continuous improvement of professional and technical skills in the leading orthopedic centers of Europe, in particular OTTO BOCK, allow him to solve the most complicated problems while preparing prostheses for people with complex amputations of both upper and lower limbs.
"Barry" prosthetic-orthotic, rehabilitation center is a partner of Össur and METIZ companies.
METIZ is a leader in Russia in the development and production of parts for lower limb prostheses and prosthetic materials. ÖSSUR is known worldwide as a pioneer in providing innovative technologies for prosthetics and orthotics.
One of the directions of the center's activities are rehabilitation services, which are provided after injuries, strokes, as well as in the presence of spinal diseases: scoliosis, kyphosis, osteochondrosis, etc.

The center's kinesiօtherapists study and successfully implement Schrott, Bobath, Mulligan and many other effective rehabilitation methods.

Rehabilitation is of utmost importance in traumatology and orthopedics. It can significantly reduce the period of incapacity for work and create conditions for the recovery of the patient's activity.

"Barry" provides full-fledged rehabilitation in all areas: medical, social and in everyday life!
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During the initial appointment, we record complaints and the circumstances of the injury. Then, we examine the body and the localization of places that bring discomfort.

Then we study the problem area, conduct specialized testing to identify the stage of the disease and other features. At the end, we put the treatment or, if necessary, we send for additional examinations.
Posture disorders: lordosis, scoliosis or kyphosis
Joint deformity: osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, etc.
Stiffness of movement and muscle aches
Numbness in the limbs, lower back and other areas
Pain in the joints of the extremities and/or spine
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