Anti-edematous therapy. Bandaging
Anti-edematous bandaging is the most affordable way to quickly remove swelling and prepare a truncated limb for prosthetics. The attending physician should acquaint you with the methods of bandaging.

The first time the stump is bandaged for 10-20 minutes, then the bandages are removed and examined for damage. If bandaging is performed correctly, it should not cause discomfort or pain.

In no case should one endure pain or increased pulsations in the stump area.

If discomfort occurs, immediately unbandage the stump and inspect it. The occurrence of pain indicates that the bandage is performed incorrectly or too tight.

When you are sure that you are doing everything correctly, you should increase the time the stump is in the compression bandages. The optimal time is considered 1-2 hours. After the time has elapsed, unbandage and inspect the stump and skin for damage or redness.
The ideal time for keeping the stump in bandages is considered to be about 8 hours. Waking up in the morning, you need to apply bandages, and remove them in the evening before going to bed. If necessary, the stump can be re-bandaged during the day.

With proper bandaging, you will be more comfortable in the bandage than without it. By learning how to properly bandage a truncated limb, you will quickly form a stump for further prosthetics and reduce the number of phantom pains.