Rehabilitation Kinesist
For many years now, Renata has been helping patients with locomotor problems.

Her main focus is physiotherapy rehabilitation procedures for diseases of the locomotor system, as well as post-orthopedic surgeries rehabilitation: joint replacement, orthoscopic surgery on the knees and shoulder girdle.

At the very beginning of her professional career, Renata successfully completed the course of general physiotherapy and occupational therapy at the International Red Cross Post-Trauma Rehabilitation Center.

Then she mastered the method of Bobath therapy - a neuro-developmental treatment aimed at restoring muscle tone and stimulating the development of proper motor skills.

She also successfully mastered the concept of Mulligan - one of the varieties of joint mobilization, the essence of which is the improvement of movements in the joints. Then she mastered the course "Peculiarities of Kinesiotherapy in Traumatology and Neurology".

Renata is an experienced kinesio-therapist, she has graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports of RA. After graduation, she continued her studies under the auspice of the International Red Cross Post-Trauma Rehabilitation Center, where later she worked with spinal cord injury patients as physical&occupational therapist.

Unlike other specialists, a kinesiotherapist carefully listens to the patient's body, uses the hints of his/her muscles, relieves him from psychological and neuromuscular overtension.

Renata has recently mastered a unique technique for treating scoliosis, the so-called Shroth technique. Schroth is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation technique based on asymmetric breathing, physiological exercises and modern three-dimensional corseting.

Renata provides support to those who get prostheses after amputation in Luys Barry. She teaches them walking using prostheses.

Professional activity:
  • ''Surb Grigor Lusavorich'' Multidisciplinary Medical Center - Kinesiotherapist - 10 years;
  • "Research Center of Orthopedy and Traumatology" – worked with post trauma and post operation patients - 19 years;
  • Worked as a Post-Covid Kinesiol-therapist for 3 years during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Bobbat method
  • Muligan concept
  • Kinesio-taping
  • Schroth therapy
International Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation Centre- General Physical and Occupational Therapy Course
Republican Children’s Rehabilitation Center- First Armenian Neurodevelopmental Treatment /NDT-Bobath/ Course
Medical Center Erebuni, Yerevan- Introductory course on the topic “Bobath-Concept” for adult patients
Yerevan State Medical University-"Features of Kinesiotherapy in Traumatology and Neurology"
Ministry of Health RA and Yerevan State Medical University-“Kinesiotherapy in Recent Aproaches in Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine” seminar
Ministry of Health RA and Yerevan State Medical University- Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Concepts of Motor System Pathology
Kinesio Association - "Kinesiotaping" course
“Diagnosis, management and rehabilitation features of cerebral traumas in athletes” 5-day seminar
Ministry of Health RA and Yerevan State Medical University-"Improvement of Kinesiotherapists" course
Qualification courses
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