After the amputation is finally completed, great changes occur in humans’ life.
We help save or restore the free movement of people.
Prostheses of extremities - lower or upper - give amputated people a chance for rehabilitation and a return of normal life. In dependence on amputation levels, PLEs are divided into prostheses of feet, ankle, and thighs.

There are 3 types of prosthetics of lower extremities
  1. Ankle and foot prosthetic systems
  2. Knee prosthetic systems
  3. Prosthetic systems for certain sports
Lower extremities prostheses are:
  • Modular
  • Non modular

PLE modular or non-modular consist of a receiving individual sleeve made according to an individual cast from the stump of a disabled person or according to the measurements from the stump. The feature of a modular prosthesis is that an individual product is assembled from ready-made components for each user, ideally suited for height and proportions.

You have the right to receive a prosthesis for FREE
According to the JSS (Joint Social Service), people in need of prosthetics, on the basis of an appropriate conclusion provided by the Disability Medical and Social Expert Commission, receive a state-approved certificate, according to which prosthetics are carried out.

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