Orthopedic technician
Artur joined our team in 2021. He successfully completed training in the specialty of an orthopedic technician in ''Luys Barri'' center, under the guidance of the leading and most experienced specialist Artur Galanteryan.

Artur specializes in preparing orthoses for upper and lower limbs. Orthotics is the most important stage in the conservative treatment of patients with the consequences of injuries and diseases of the locomotor system in traumatology, neurology, rheumatology and sports medicine. At this stage, Artur is actively mastering the technology of upper and lower limb prosthetics using high-quality silicone, as well as the technique of working with patients who need exoprostheses.

Previously, Arthur was engaged in jewelry business, and it is this skill that contributes to the filigree elaboration of details in preparing of orthoses.

Diplomas and certificates
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