Why is flat feet dangerous?
With flat feet, the anatomical and functional interaction of the muscular, connective tissue and bone systems of the foot is disturbed.

The primary symptoms of flat feet include early fatigue, discomfort, pain, in the area of the plantar part of the foot and the calf muscles. This happens mainly at the end of the day. Later, pain occurs in the calf-paw, knee, and hip joints, sometimes also in the lumbar region of the spine. Children may experience poor academic performance, headaches, general fatigue, etc.

Even frequent headaches (migraines), impaired vision, spatial orientation can be a consequence of flat feet. In many cases, the incorrect distribution of the load on the main arches of the foot can be a stimulus for diarthrosis of the joints of the lower limbs, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, blood circulation disorders in the lower limbs, lymphostasis of the lower limbs, insufficient cerebral blood circulation, etc.